Printhead Cleaning Kits

For Epson, Canon, Brother and HP Printers

With a PERFECT PRINT guarantee

Epson Printers

Most Epson printers are directly fed (the cartridges sit in the printhead and move during printing). Indirectly fed Epson printers (where the cartridges do not move during printing) e.g. the PX/Artisan 700 and 800 series, as well as the R3000 sereis are not compatible

Pigment inks are difficult to clean and can require so much ink as to be uneconomical, but if you’ve caught the blockage early it’s worth trying

Printers larger than A3 use static cartridge arrangements so are incompatible.

Brother Printers

All Brother MFC and DCP inkjet printers are compatible

Canon Printers

All Canon printers are compatible with the kit except for large format machines (larger than A3+) and those using oval inlet ports on the printhead

HP Printers

If your cartridges move with the printhead then your printer is compatible. Some deskjet models have the printhead integrated into the cartridge in what looks like brown foil on the underside of the cartridge. These do not require a kit to be cleaned: just use damp kitchen towel

If your cartridges remain static during printing (and typically mounted on the front of the printer) your printer cannot be cleaned with the kit so we suggest trying cleaning cartridges (eBay is a good place to look)

Officejet Pro series printers can be cleaned but please contact us first with your model number so we can recommend the best kit

Print Head Cleaning Kit Compatibility

The kits are compatible with most models of desktop inkjet printer; compatible model numbers are given on each product page but here we discuss the aspects of compatibility such as ink chemistry and print head construction.

Ink Composition

Most desktop printers use dye inks as they are inexpensive and produce vivid colours. Dye inks, along with sublimation and edible inks are dissolved by the solvent mix in the printhead cleaning kit.

Pigment inks (also known as archival, light-fast and UV inks) are used in professional printers because they use insoluble coloured powder to create the colours, so are more resistant to the effects of light and water. They can still be cleared using cleaning fluid but require more persistence. Solvent-based inks cannot be cleaned using the kit

Changing Epson Printer Cartridges

Epson print head

Changing Epson Printer Cartridges

Cartridges in a Brother printer

Canon Print Head

Canon print head