Printhead Cleaning Kits

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What our Customers Say

Customer satisfaction is the best form of quality control. If you would like to email us your feedback it's helpful to include as much information as possible, but sometimes it's just nice to hear your stories.


Just to tell you that your Cleaning Fluid worked wonderfully, I left it to soak all night then did it again for another half hour before final clean.  

Finally got my print head working again. It took a little while for the inks to come through without being blotchy, patience is needed !

It took a couple of goes but it fixed my printer which is now working just fine. I'm very happy, thank you.

I had a clogged red printhead on a Canon MP560 and your kit has not only improved things but no doubt saved me the cost of replacing it.

Cleaning kit arrived promptly, it successfully cleared the print head blockage so the printer is usable again. I followed the instructions and left the printhead soaking in the solution overnight to give the solution a good chance to work

Just the trick, printer (10 year old Epson 915) is now working like new.  Cleaning was a bit messy, but what can you expect after 10 years of use?

I am delighted to advise that the kit did fix the printer the first time we used it! May I award you a 'gold star' for firstly a product that works, your money back guarantee and very importantly your customer care!  This is a combination that I hope will take you far!

The Kit was a resounding success, as well as being simple and easy to use.  I particularly liked the laminated Instructions sheet - proof against spills and (gloved) fingers covered in printer ink!!  Thank you too for including the Nitrile gloves.

Thanks for the message. Your kit was terrific - it fixed my printer first time! I chose it because it contained everything necessary to do the job - most of the other printhead cleaners needed you to buy syringes separately, and supply your own surgical gloves..... Keep up the good work!

About your PERFECT PRINT guarantee. I can’t imagine you would ever need to pay out on it. Your product did an excellent job first time. I found the process to be very easy. Every printer should come with your product.

The Fluid was used on my Epson Stylus Office B1100 which suffered a partial blockage of the printhead. Although only partial, the blockage was particularly stubborn. I used a folded tissue under the head

and cleaned the head several times over three days until at last it cleared completely which saved a fortune in repair or replacement costs. I would advise anyone to try the fluid even in seemingly hopeless cases, With perseverance it should come clean. Good luck with the business

The solution worked very well and I succeeded in clearing what was a very blocked group of nozzles after about three applications of the solution.

I found that it is important to follow your enclosed instructions carefully so as to achieve maximum effect. I would like to thank you for a very effective product that saved me considerable stress and time and indeed prevented me from having to purchase a replacement printer. I will use this product without hesitation should the dreaded blocked printhead situation reoccur.  Many thanks.

I just had to contact you and say thank you for a wonderful product.  It worked like a dream! It is so easy to use and It has made my printer as good as new!! I would  certainly recommend you to anyone. A pleasure to do business with.

Fantastic service. Ordered on Friday, Delivered on Saturday am, Used Saturday pm and printer now working as good as new. Thank you.

Your first rate product arrived the day after ordering it. It has fixed a blocked nozzle on my Epson SX115 at the first attempt. Would definately recommend this Hospital!

After my trusty old Epson fell off it's perch, I thought I'd see if my mother's old Epson Stylus C20  could be revived - I reckon it's probably sat unused for seven or eight years, if not longer, so I was expecting the printheads to be long since dried solid. To my astonishment, it did work after a fashion but the black head stubbornly refused to clean. Two doses of your kit didn't produce an improvement, so I left the third dose in overnight and Lo! and behold! a couple of cleaning cycles and it's printing perfectly! Like Lazarus, it has risen from the dead. Hurrah for your kit!

Thank you so much for the great advise on cleaning my printer head on my canon mg 6150 i had to do it twice but now it is great and saved me from buying a new printer head my thanks to the lady that guided me through it.

Thank you for your prompt activation of the £10 refund mechanism.  Throughout the saga of my iP5300 and its fatal malaise, I have been impressed by your Company’s speedy responses and general efficiency.  Such performance is rare these days.

The Print Hospital kit was recommended to me by a friend who has been using it for over a year. My experience as well is excellent!! A big thank you to the team at Print Hospital! You have not only sorted my Epson printer you have also saved me the expense of buying a new printer and the thought of expensive call out charge.  Great product & great service!  Thanks you

I just thought I would let you know that I bought your kit, it was delivered today, I cleaned my Canon ip4700 and I am happy to say that it works I am so pleased with the results.

Frankly, it was a gamble spending £12 on a print-head cleaning kit for a printer that cost £29.99 - even with the reassurance of your 'No Print No Fee' guarantee, was the hassle worth it? Yes! I'm very pleased I did buy your kit - it worked perfectly, and the Epson Stylus SX125 lives to print another day! If my far-more-expensive Canon A3+ printer ever goes castors-up, I'll know where to come . . .

After my printer unable to print yellow I spoke to brother who said I would need a complete new print head! £160 I decided to see what else I could do. I found Print Head Hospital. If I am honest I did not know what to expect with results. The kit supplied was impressive with detailed instructions alone a bargain for the money. After leaving my printer overnight all set up with the kit in the morning ran a couple of software cleans now it prints amazing. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! I am so impressed with the results and the great service. Many Thanks.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for supplying your product which did exactly as you said it would.  I had tried everything to get the black ink working again on my Epson 515W printer and nothing worked – until I found your fantastic product on the web. Your product is easy to use and the instructions provided in the kit are crystal clear – I love it.  I’m one VERY satisfied customer and our printer is working like new again. Thank you so much!

I would like to thank the people at Print head hospital for their advice and Printer head cleaning kit with clear instructions on how to go about cleaning the printer head on a Brother MFC 6490 CW line feed inkjet Printer.

Their cleaning Kit came in the post the next day, with a step by step instructions and a video on their website, it resolved our printing problem. The Black Ink (the most difficult to clean) would not print at all as well as the 3 main colours. After trying the solution several times over 3 days and leaving the printer head solution to soak overnight; we finally started to get a positive result with the Black ink printing as well as all the other colours printing even sharper.  The process is long and yes you do use a lot of the cleaning solution that comes with the kit but it is well worth the extra bit of effort and patience. We highly recommend “Printer head Hospital” to be given a go whether it is for a commercial business practise, or consumer private usage. Thank you Printer head Hospital your advice and technique has saved the day for our practise.

Thank you for your quick response to my email. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that a combination of your product and a change of ink cartridge supplier i have had 100% success.thank you very much.

I ordered your cleaning kit for my Epson inkjet as a last resort since all methods for printing were proving useless and the head cleaning facility on the printer seemed to be making everything worse. I ordered the kit on Wednesday afternoon and received it in the post the next day - quick service. All of the bits were as per your instruction video, very simple to use, after an hour's work the printer was back as good as new. I would thoroughly recommend your cleaning kit to anyone thinking that they need to replace their printer / printhead. Your "no print no fee" option makes the whole process risk free. Thank you!!

Just wanted to say thank you to The Printhead Hospital for the efforts made to help me with my printer problem. I had a blocked printer head on a Brother DCP377CW and after soaking the head overnight followed by 6 head cleaning tries on the printer and a further 8 hour soak with syringe of cleaning fluid with 6 more head cleans on the machine, it was still blocked. I then phoned The Printhead Hospital and took advice to try and force fluid through by shortening the pipe. But it still remained blocked, so I reported this back and received a refund within a couple of hours. Fantastic service! I would recommend The Printhead Hospital to anyone with a printhead problem.

Thank you for your response. I gave the cleaner one last try and finally it worked!

I'd be very pleased to recommend the print head cleaning kit to anyone. I had an Epson RX620 printer that had been sitting around unused for several months. A head test pattern showed two nozzles completely blocked, and the remaining four nozzles only printing about 25%.  I flushed all the nozzles with warm cleaning fluid as per instructions, replaced all the cartridges, ran a head check and got 95% of a full pattern. I left it overnight, and ran the check again the following morning: 100%. The kit was easy to use and the instructions were excellent.

If only the rest of the world was as easy to deal with as you. Thanks

I would just like to say that my Canon printer black channel was so blocked that even on a deep clean setting the nozzle print test showed a completely white band. I thought it was terminal and was not looking forward to buying a new printer when I searched the web and found Print Head Hospital and thought for £12 I might as well give it a try.

My printer is now printing as good as when I bought it, I cannot recommend this cure enough to others who have an ink block problem and it was so quick and easy to do as well.

I cleaned a Brother MFC 5860CW the other day, and ended up soaking it over 2 days (as described in the instructions), which certainly did the trick. I have tried solvent based cleaning cartridges from somewhere else, but they were pretty useless, so I was glad that your stuff worked, it will hopefully resurrect my A3 Brother MFC 6490 CW printers :) Thanks again, and pleasure doing business with you.

Dear Gentlefolk at Printhead Hospital, I salute you! Having reached a point of total despair with my relatively recently replaced Canon Printhead - I had flushed it a number of times only to find one colour that was working previously had given up but a different one was now working - I came across your product, it took a bit of soaking but everything is now working perfectly. A good honest product honestly sold. The U-Tube demo particularly helps the sale. I'm sure, that like so many things that appear a simple solution on the surface, a lot of time and effort went in to making it work this well. You deserve every success for the future and I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

You promptly sent the cleaning kit which arrived today and I have just cleaned out the blocked yellow feed on my Canon printhead and my printer is back to normal. Thanks for an excellent service and for the relief in not having to buy another printer - the solution suggested as the likely option by both Canon and dealer, neither of whom mentioned the possibility of cleaning! Your neat little kit is a great solution to lengthen the life of your printer.

I would just like to say that my Canon printer black channel was so blocked that even on a deep clean setting the nozzle print test showed a completely white band. I thought it was terminal and was not looking forward to buying a new printer when I searched the web and found Print Head Hospital. My printer is now printing as good as when I bought it, I cannot recommend this cure enough to others who have an ink block problem and it was so quick and easy to do as well.

I've been on to you several times about my Epson 600 that wouldn't print and I'm delighted to say that it's just given a perfect print check on all colours. It's been a bit of a struggle but we've got there in the end. Thank you SO much.

I received my kit this morning, thank you. I was almost resigned to the blatant fact of disposing my expensive Epson 1270 A3 Printer, as no matter how much I tried running the print head cleaning cycle it refused point blank to print any black and print colour in fits and starts. A truly sorry little machine. Wow! I am astonished at the results,  absolutely amazing. My expensive  A3 Printer is now back in full working order – Thank You for an excellent product and superb service.

Thank you for your very quick delivery of the printhead cleaning kit, I only ordered it yesterday. It works extremely well and I am very pleased, at last a product that does what is claimed.

Having spent lots of time and even more ink in endless printhead cleaning cycles on my Epson SX515W trying to get the black ink working, I Googled the problem and your website came up.  I ordered a kit as someone else with the same printer had fixed their printhead problem with your product.  The kit arrived the next day and on the first attempt I was printing again.  Many thanks for a great product and fast service!

Just a note to say how pleased I have been with the kit I recently purchased from you. I had started looking at a replacement for my Canon MP530 because the printing had become so poor. A friend mentioned your service and I have been delighted with the result.

I was thinking of junking my Brother MFC 6490cw after only two years of quite heavy use in the A3 format, when an internet search revealed the Print Hospital! On receipt of the larger kit for serious blockage in an A3 printer and using it as instructed, I now have it printing as if it was new. Wonderful! Thank you.

I sent for a cleaning kit for my Canon pixma ip4000 recently, having had a total loss of cyan ink, and I am delighted to report that it is now printing everything including photos perfectly. I spent almost £70.  9 months ago on a new Canon printhead which failed again. I came across your advertisement and decided that I had nothing to loose, and tried it. I only wish that I had been aware of your product before I replaced the printhead.

Just a note to say many thanks for your speedy delivery of my order and your great product. The Cyan print head on my Canon MP990 was totally blocked up. Soaking it in warm water, several times, didn't clear it. So, I ordered your cleaner one day, received it the next day, and after using the liquid for 45 minutes, the print head is fully functioning once again.