The kit is compatible with all models of A4 and A3 Canon printers. The following is not an exhaustive list of compatible models and please contact us if you are unsure

Just a note to say many thanks for your speedy delivery of my order and your great product. The Cyan print head on my Canon MP990 was totally blocked up. Soaking it in warm water, several times, didn't clear it.

So, I ordered your cleaner one day, received it the next day, and after using the liquid for 45 minutes, the print head is fully functioning once again.

Peter Ball

Cleans nearly all models of Canon inkjet printers. Simple to use and contains everything you need: just ensure you have a fresh ink cartridge for the colour(s) being cleaned and can activate the ‘clean head’ function

Instructions for use:

1. Remove cartridges and print head

2. Attach manifold to syringe

3. Inject 2ml warm cleaning fluid to affected colours

4. Inject another 1ml after 5mins

5. Reinstall head and fresh cartridges. Run nozzle check

We offer after-sales technical support and our ‘Perfect Print’ Guarantee protects you if the kit doesn’t fix your printer

Printhead Cleaning Kits

For Epson, Canon, Brother and HP Printers

With a PERFECT PRINT guarantee

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Canon Print Head Cleaning Kit - 500ml

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$38.00 (USA only) (Via

£33.00 (Worldwide) (Includes 2 week shipping)

Each kit contains:

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