Printhead Cleaning Kits

For Epson, Canon, Brother and HP Printers

With a PERFECT PRINT guarantee

Brother Print Head

Cleaning Kit - 100ml


£12.50 (UK only)

(Includes First Class delivery)

$15.00 (USA only)

The kit is compatible with all models of Brother inkjet printers, including the following models:

After my printer unable to print yellow I spoke to brother who said I would need a complete new print head for £160! I decided to see what else I could do. I found Print Head Hospital. If I am honest I did not know what to expect with results.

The kit supplied was impressive with detailed instructions alone a bargain for the money. After leaving my printer overnight all set up with the kit in the morning ran a couple of software cleans now it prints amazing. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! I am so impressed with the results and the great service. Many Thanks.

Giles Holder. Hampshire IT Solutions.

Cleans all models of Brother inkjet printers. Simple to use and contains everything you need: just ensure you have a fresh ink cartridge for the colour(s) being cleaned and can activate the ‘clean head’ function

Instructions for use:

1. Remove cartridges

2. Bring the printhead to the centre of the carriage (see video)

2. Place strip of blotting paper under printhead

3. Inject 2ml warm cleaning fluid to affected colours

4. Inject another 1ml after 5mins

5. Insert fresh cartridges and run nozzle check

Each kit contains:

We offer after-sales technical support and our ‘Perfect Print’ Guarantee protects you if the kit doesn’t fix your printer