Printhead Cleaning Kits

For Epson, Canon, Brother and HP Printers

With a PERFECT PRINT guarantee

Print head cleaning is our speciality. Inkjet printers have a self clean facility for clearing the print nozzles, but if the printer head remains blocked then manual cleaning is required.

Since 2008 we have been making print head cleaners for most models of Epson, Canon, HP and Brother inkjet printers. They’re simple to use, require no additional parts or disassembly and are very effective.

Find out if your printer is compatible and how to clean printheads.

Our PERFECT PRINT guarantee means if you don't manage to clean your printhead then we send a £10.00 refund.

We deliver next-day to the UK and USA, and within 10 days to the rest of the world. We accept all forms of card payment as well as Paypal so your financial details remain secure. We don't have a mailing list; we're just there if you need us.


The black hardly worked at all on my Epson SX515W and the other 3 colours were not as they used to be. I ran the head cleaning cycle 6 times to little effect except to use most of my ink so I gave your product a try as it had good reviews and a money back offer.

Pleased to say it arrived next day worked a treat.

(Paul, Birmingham)

(Print the colour you wish to clean)